Why is Blockchain Israel doing this?

In our discussions with CTOs, coders and developers over the past year, we’ve learned that many of them are looking for support and guidance in how best to learn and apply blockchain technology.

We want to help provide support, tools and services to enable coders and developers to build disruptive blockchain based projects and bring them from lab to market.

Who is the program for?

The program is for coders and developers with a track record of building extraordinary projects. We received over 5,000 applications and have selected people to participate in the program this year.

Can I apply for the Blockchain Israel Academy Program now?

Applications are currently closed for this pilot year.

Please stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to apply.

Every application was evaluated in a multi-phase consideration process to ensure eligibility, including compliance with the terms and policies governing the use of our apps and services. A diverse selection committee was assembled from external advisors and Facebook staff to make final selections. Final selections will be based on applicants’ past work building community and the merit of each grant proposal.

How are you selecting program participants?