Time for new initiatives

Among the issues raised by the digital marketing, the key is to find the best way to attract people around a specific topic. It is often a matter of being creative and spontaneous as it is getting more difficult to authenticate its online presence in a different way.

However, social communities have always existed : whether for advocacy, support the improvement of living conditions and the development of projects of cross-cutting initiatives, entrepreneurs around the world have had to deploy huge effort to get help.

The digital offers a host of responses to the initiatives and can make them quickly accessible, more visible and impactful.

Vision plus action can change the world.
— Nelson Mandela

Visit nevelab.org.

Yael Rozencwajg, our CEO contributed to the launch of the Mouvement des Entrepreneurs Pigeons (#geonpi) in September 2012. Thanks to this great experience, she now helps organizations raise initiatives.

Created for Netexplo for the forum at the Unesco.


The social strategy for an online business

It is not uncommon to discover initiatives on social networks, to see how people are able to organize themselves rapidly for a cause and in often difficult circumstances. Social business implies that the nascent movement on different channels is thought, investigated by keeping a strong editorial line and respects the original values of the organization.

From the beginnings we, at YOPPS, have always made sure the voices of social initiatives will be heard and we are fully dedicated to support online communities defending human causes, sustainable development, environmental protection, and also education and health.

We know how important it is to raise awareness, make the impossible possible... 

Let's entertain your initiatives together.