Investors, don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in (Blockchain) Israel

We built Blockchain Israel to help people learn about and develop blockchain-based solutions that have a large social impact. We focus on bringing to our community business and technical insights and providing them with the tools and services they need: education, connections and business opportunities.


Our community continues to grow

We see more and more Israeli startups developing blockchain solutions, and more and more enterprises testing the waters. We continue to focus on our main pillars: advancing solutions to major social challenges through building our new innovation R&D center, driving innovative educational venues and creating qualitative new experiences for blockchain entrepreneurs.

All our activities communicate what we stand for: helping entrepreneurs and enterprises build new businesses that address social challenges using blockchain-based services along with other advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML), IoT and cloud first architectures.

We’ve made great progress in 2019 with a lot more to come—expanding our partners and community and having them work together harmoniously.

Learn more about our mission at Blockchain Israel:



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