Blockchain & OPEN SOURCE technologies will transform life experiences. 

We are on a mission to accelerate the transition of blockchain technologies into real world solutions by empowering and connecting the most promising entrepreneurs with the right enablers.

As blockchain technology has the ability to both address challenges and scale solutions, Blockchain Israel’s main commitment is to help entrepreneurs tackle some of the hardest problems with help from the community, share their knowledge or learn from others on the key areas where technological solutions could make the greatest impact.


Community events

We are creating a brand new and innovative type of event for the Israeli startup community, offering a new platform to share knowledge, to ask for help, and to support one other through goodwill and ‘good karma’.

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Call for coders

Come participate, get your hands dirty, and bring home knowledge that makes what matters to you tangibly better.
After all, that's what coders are made for!
It's free and will always be.

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We are on the lookout for passionate creators in Israel + abroad to help our community members build exceptional experiences.

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Blockchain Israel's challenges are designed specifically to address the needs of tech entrepreneurs across several different industries and technologies.

➔ "Blockchain for Social Impact" Hackathon



Our breakfast talks are designed to empower and train enterprise leaders and innovators to create the frameworks they need to evolve in. We talk human only.

➔ Women in the Workplace & Blockchain


Ask Us Anything

Our mission doesn't end with our events, there's a lot of work left for us to benefits and perks board to share opportunities within the community.

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